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The Action Figure that Saved Disney

The Action Figure that Saved Disney

Posted by Phil Davis on Jul 10th 2023

Disney invested four billion dollars into Lucas Films in 2012. George Lucas decided to take $2.21 billion in cash and 37 million shares of Disney stock, then priced at $50 per share. Those shares amounted to 2.1% of Disney ownership for George. The rest of us can only dream of that kind of payday. But wait, that stock ownership he received has increased since 2012, and if you include dividends received, the value of Disney’s purchase to George has increased substantially. Of course, this is assuming George still has all his Disney stock.

Why do I start this article about George when the title indicates I am writing about a Star Wars action figure? Because while this was an excellent deal for George Lucas, the big question remains whether it is favorable for Star Wars unbendable fans. To me, the question is still unanswered. Additionally, before this action figure I am about to disclose, I would adamantly tell everyone when discussing Disney's purchase that the acquisition of Lucas Films was an absolute disaster for Star Wars fans. So, what changed?

First, I am using a little hyperbole concerning the action figure. It was not the action figure that saved Disney, but what the action figure represented. But I sell collectibles, and to me, this collectible action figure represents a significant event in Star Wars history that needs to be owned by every Star Wars fan, including all the other variations of the original. So which action figure am I writing about? You may have already guessed — The Mandalorian first Hasbro Star Wars Black Series 6-inch action figure — The Mandalorian #94.

Many of us feared that Disney would destroy Star Wars, or at least Disneyfy it. And that happened with the disastrous release of the sequel episodes and the mutilation of Luke Skywalker's character. Disney was destroying Star Wars just as we feared; they would lose their four billion investment if it were not for two guys named Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. They produced for Disney a major hit, The Mandalorian, released on November 12th, 2019, on Disney's streaming platform Disney Plus. And, of course, who can forget when we encountered Baby Yoda, a name fans gave The Child? The show never looked back; at least Disney was saved for now.

Dave and Jon have single-handedly saved Disney. Many other shows have come, too, that added to the Star Wars lore. And many more are on the way; for instance, eight episodes of Ahsoka' is set to release on August 23rd, only a month and a half away, and is sure to be another significant hit with more insight into the continuation of the Star Wars galaxy saga. Oh, and an important point, the very same two individuals that created The Mandalorian are also responsible for Ahsoka. Disney has finally learned that once you find a winning combination, stick to it; the force is leading the way; listen to it!

So, if you agree that the Mandalorian saved the day, collect the character's action figure, the original Mandalorian, in his original well-worn beskar armor and cool rifle. Some collectors even collect the whole case of unopened figures for the day when the value of these will increase.

You won't be sorry. Listen to the force. You can buy The Mandalorian here: